Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a little of EMO poetry


Falling Away

I am bored with love
and it's passionless limbs
that drape over my bed
in a lethargic state of impotence
while wearing the same red heart
my soul picked up hitchhiking
off highway serendipity

Now here we are
alone in togetherness
trying to build dreams
with two by fours and glue,
but even a home
won't tie us together
when our hearts live alone

Poetic vows cliched
into nothingness
like all words do, eventually
and we allowed
our bodies to become
another pair of hollow shadows
that make love to a wall
instead of each other
and we wonder why
the roses are dying

----wow i think this EMOness makes people poetic enough to express the emotions that they feel inside..You know what..i just can't help but ask? why does 'emo' focus on sadness, like being alone, being left over hahaha...oh yah just imagine featuring an 'emo' person who's smiling..haha will anyone ever buy that as emo?hahaha...i guess not..i've never ever seen an 'emo' photo with a shade of happiness on it hehehe..it's most of the time showing the gloomy side of everything!..but what's so bad about it if it's the way emo people express themselves right?haha!

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Cherry Blossoms said...

i totally agree with the comment u wrote about the emo kids.. i wonder the same thing too about them hehe. anyway i found this really cool poem, just thought i'd share it with you.

is it really that bad?
you cant accept the fact
that i get a little sad?
that i am a little mad?
so i favor black
and i dont like pink
you use those as reasons
to make my soul sink
so some of us cut
and some of us dont
we can smile
laugh love and live
we're just not like the rest
sure we cry
we want to die
but none of you understand
its not like we had planned
to live life like this
to spend our days
depressed and amiss
we're not bad people
we dont worship satan
we're not out to kill anyone
we just dont like the world
as much as everyone else
and we dont like ourselves
as much as we could
but we're ok with that
you can call us ugly
you can call us fat
but you cant change who we are
we are emo
whats so wrong with that?