Saturday, May 9, 2009


The origin of Emo lies in the roots of history. It’s originated as a style of music, which was incorporated with many independent variations of music styles with some existing music styles. In mid 80s the word Emo was used to describe the subgenre of hardcore music and Washington DC was considered to be the place of origin for this style of music

On the later stages, the term Emo was used to describe the emotions and the band artist who belongs to this stream of art followed their own independent style of music which expresses their feeling the most.

When we talk about the Emo culture, it describes something that is not related to any type of trend or bound. As a culture the effect of Emo is very much seen on fashion and the culture. Most of the youth and the teenagers are affected with it. It is a way of leaving where there is no bond of the society and nothing which is to be followed. Every one comes with their own style of fashion and living that is unique and expresses their own state of mind.