Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Estate College!

Why people became successful? We throw a lot of questions to successful people. In one way we are motivated to be one of them. But we all know that a lot of successful stories in the internet seemed to be so unbelievable but this Nouveau Riche University is one of the most prestigious real estate schools which will offer one of the best courses for all of us. In fact they will be providing us the information on short and long term real estate investment strategies. Isn’t it wonderful? They will surely support you from the very beginning of your course until such time that you will be utilizing your knowledge or education that you have obtained from their college. Before I forget this Nouveau Riche University will offer workshops for students which will definitely build additional support and guidance to the students. . I know that everyone wants to be on top and be successful someday, so if you’re aiming high you should be motivated by this Nouveau Riche University. So what are you waiting for? Go now and look for the best course that will fit you.. Good luck and hope you will be successful in your studies.

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Callie Lorenzo said...

Interesting point. Also when I had to write my essay on education system I learned a university gets a MUCH larger payment for each STEM grad than it does for other majors, and guess what? Purdue is the state's engineering school! How about that? A huge funding bonus followed Mitch to Purdue! And yes, most of the vouchers are being used at religious schools, many of which are poorly performing, and there is no requirement that a student ever tried attending a local public school. For these people, public schools are no longer the bedrock of their communities, they are viewed as grim, institutional, "government" he11-holes, and their policies are sadly self-fulfilling.