Friday, October 10, 2008


Something just popped into my mind as I laid in my bed and thought about the empty space beside me. As I reached my hand to cover the space I realized that I was with no one but I. This aloneness may have dragged the word ‘emo’ into my system. With no one to talk to and instead of indulging myself to mere introspection, I opted to make use of writing as the mode of expressing the thoughts lingering at the back of my mind. These seems to be the questions that bothers me a lot: When can you consider yourself as an emo or getting emo? Can i be considered as one of those emo people in this world despite the fact that i currently have a happy relationship with a steady boyfriend? What does emo really mean? When does emo really apply? Is emo applicable only for lonely singles who seek attention and care or can it be used to describe anyone who feels like expressing their emotions?


KCee said...

I think the feeling hits anybody once in a while. Regardless if one is single or in a happy relationship.

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Thanks and happy weekend!

Dave Gerber said...

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