Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympics: The Grand Opening

After quite a long wait and excitement, finally the 2008 Beijing Olympics has finally put an end to our anticipation and curiosity by formally opening it with all its grandiosity. People from all over the world were hanging on their seats in front of their televisions just to witness the world's biggest sports competition. I for one was actually curious not only on how the event will be started but also on how the Chinese people would make it and how they would show what they've got and if they really deserve to be called as one of Asia's New Superpowers. Well I guess there's no doubt that hosting the Olympics is really a big project and I can say that they have managed to prepare well. From the Bird's Nest to the Water Cube to their superb and obviously expensive fireworks one could tell that the China really has great resources in hand which includes not only financial resources but their manpower as well. The Chinese were able to show a lot of creativity and teamwork with their grand production wherein they were able to show and remind people about their famous culture and their important contribution to the world. Well did you see those giant footsteps walking towards the stadium? I can't help but me amazed with that ingenuity moreover with the mesmerizing fireworks as the footsteps reached the stadium as if the Bird's Nest was turned into a powerful volcanic eruption.

China has made it and I think this would mark the start of their journey as one of Asia's or shall I say the World's economic power. It's actually something to be happy of with the fact that our fellow Asian country has proved to the world that the Asian Continent has something to brag of and that it is catching up. But the question is, will the Philippines ever afford or manage to host big events like this? Is it possible to have Manila Olympics? Well this is a challenge for all of us Filipinos. I hope we would find a solution for our current crisis so that we can work towards our country's progress and establish ourselves back in the map. But will you believe that the Philippines is one of the bidders for 2020 and 2024 Olympics? The Philippine Government is planning a state-of-the-art sport complex in Pasay City. The Philippine Government proposed to build large, spacious and better stadiums and other sport centers for the games and will be equipped with high-technology facilities to ensure fair and honest games. They will also build a comfortable and spacious Olympic Village for the athletes and a high-class hotel for the Olympic Family (click here for more). There might be a tendency for a lot of us to laugh about this matter knowing the problems that our country is currently undergoing. It may sound too ambitious but why not? Who knows we can be the next host of the Olympics. What can you say about it?

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donya michy said...

see... this is why we can't host the olympics yet. aside from the fact that it will be very expensive to do so, we need to fix our issues like the problem in mindanao first.